Does audio hypnosis work?

Does audio hypnosis work?

When I was much younger, I had a hypnosis relaxation tape.  That shows how long ago it was, being on a cassette tape! I can’t remember where I got it from, but I believe it saved me at a time when I felt really stressed.  I had broken up with a boyfriend and it felt like the end of the world.  I listened to the tape every day and could feel myself becoming so much stronger from it. I actually ended up dealing with the break up much better than I initially thought I would and realised that audio hypnosis works.  I have used hypnosis recordings ever since, which is about 25 years, even now as a hypnotherapist myself.

So, how does audio hypnotherapy work? I’d say they are a great way to relax whilst receiving positive suggestions for an issue you want help with.  It maybe that you want to make a certain change in your life but are struggling by using will power alone.  Using will power to change something in your life doesn’t usually work because willpower comes and goes and is connected to your emotions.  You may feel strong one day when everything is going well, but if you are having a bad day it is easy to fall off the wagon.

The mind learns through repetition, so the suggestions are repeatedly enforced every time you listen.  The more you listen to a hypnosis recording the more the message is absorbed into your everyday life.  For example, you could listen every afternoon as a way to end your work-day to help you fully relax and switch off.  Or you could listen before you go to sleep at night to help get you fully relaxed, giving you the added benefit of better sleep.  Hypnosis works more effectively if you do not fall asleep whilst listening to it, but sometimes you may just be tired, especially if listening last thing at night.  So, if you ever need a disco nap, then they can be a great way to switch the mind off from thinking, so you can relax better for an afternoon powernap.

Another positive aspect of having a downloaded hypnosis audio, is they are inexpensive and a great way to try hypnosis out if you have not before.  You do not have to travel anywhere and can listen in the comfort and privacy of your own home, sitting on the sofa or laying in your bed.

It is preferable to work on just one issue at a time for a more powerful result. The beauty of having it on a recording is you can listen to it as many times as you wish.

Although hypnosis MP3s are great, they can be quite generalised.  If you have a particular issue you want to work on, then seeing a hypnotherapist one to one will give you a more detailed and specific hypnotherapy session, that is relevant to you.  It will be more tailored to what you want help with and help you achieve your goals for the future.  A relationship and rapport is established between the hypnotherapist and client to help uncover what is needed.  Sometimes it may be necessary to locate the root cause.  For example you may want to lose weight and want hypnosis to motivate you. But there might be an underlying belief system influencing your habits that needs to be addressed.

The solution doesn’t have to be either or, as when you see a hypnotherapist you may be given a recording of the session to listen to and enforce the suggestions in between one to one sessions.  Each time you go into hypnosis with a therapist or using the recording, you deepen the ability to enter the trance state (which is just focused attention) more quickly so suggestions are easily absorbed.

So, whether you see a hypnotherapist one to one or use an audio recording such as an MP3, or use a combination of both, you are open to positive change and will most certainly reap rewards.  As well as the issue having a greater chance of being resolved, you receive regular relaxation which heals your body, calms your nervous system and helps you to cope better with day to day life.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog about does audio hypnosis work. If you have any questions, or would like to book a hypnotherapy session then please get in touch. You can purchase my hypnosis audios here.