Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I have had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms, no mood swings, sleeping well, and feeling good.  I have had no urges or cravings at all to smoke, the worst that happens is that I suddenly think, oh I would have had a fag now! but I don’t want one…..Long may it last, cos if this is it, it has been wonderful!!,

FW Old Coulsdon

I have to say that it felt so much better not having the build up of stress before the appointment with the doctor. I was quite normal!

JF Selsdon

Our work together helped me get through those days with grace and calmness.  Thank you ever so much for everything Janice.  I doubt we would have been able to navigate the labour the way we did and get the outcome (a calm and happy child) without you and Hypnobirthing.  Most grateful!

PU Croydon

Just thought I would let you know I am still going strong 2 weeks and counting only one minor nibble to report and that was conscious ..I am doing my meditation exercises and   can see already a difference  although growth is small. but visible my fingers and nails look much healthier not traumatised .

GC Sth Norwood

It seemed likely that I would have to cancel my dream trip to the Himalayas after discovering that my planned trek would require crossing several high-altitude rope bridges.  These would be suspended across deep valleys often across raging mountain rivers.  Being scared of heights this thought horrified me.  After only two hypnotherapy sessions with Janice and by undertaking a small control trial test following these, I believe that I had the necessary confidence to embrace the idea.  In fact during all of the rope bridge crossings I was probably the most confident of any in my trek group.

DT Hazlemere

I was so stressed about taking the exam again after failing it a couple of times so when I went into the exam this time the hypnotherapy really made a difference.  I felt calm and focussed, and guess what I passed!

IG Lewisham

I have tried to give up smoking so many times over the years and had begun to give up trying.  Its been three months and still going strong with no craving at all.  Fantastic!!

LS Addiscombe

I went to see Janice as I had a close friend’s wedding coming up in the US for which I needed to get to.  I had avoided flying for years but I could not avoid it this time.  After just two sessions I was able to get on that plane which I never thought I’d be able to do.  Thank you so much.

PG Islington

Still not smoking!!!

MJ South Norwood