Hypnotherapy FAQs

How does hypnotherapy work?
When your body is relaxed and your mind is calm your unconscious mind (sometimes called the subconscious mind) is more receptive to positive suggestion and creative thought.  It is not an unfamiliar state as we experience this trance like state every day naturally – when falling to sleep, waking up from sleep, daydreaming or when engrossed in a good film or book.

What happens in the session?
To start with we will have a chat about what you would like help with, what is happening with you now, how long the issue has affected you and how you would prefer to feel, think or behave.

I have a strong will, what if I can’t be hypnotised?
Hypnotherapy is purposeful co-operation, so having a strong will is a bonus as it means you will have a strong will to achieve your goal.  Almost everybody can achieve a light trance state if they want to and enjoy being in a relaxed and focused state.

Am I put to sleep or do I go under?
In the session you are encouraged to relax and feel at ease and you may feel a little like you are daydreaming – neither asleep or awake.  You are always in control as you will hear everything that is being said to you although your mind may wander sometimes.  You may not remember everything that is said to you after the session, just as you don’t always remember every detail from a dream but your unconscious mind will remember everything that it needs to, to make the positive changes.  Going under is a misleading term that has come from stage shows and films.

Can I be forced to do something against my will?
You can never be made to do anything against your will or your beliefs.  Beneficial suggestions that have already been discussed are given during the session.  If anything was said to you that was not appropriate you would immediately awaken from the trance like state, as you are always in control.  I am bound by a strict code of ethics and positive suggestions aimed at helping you achieve your goal are the only suggestions made to you.

Is it like stage hypnotism?
Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment where the most extrovert members of the audience are brought onto the stage with no benefits for the individual.  Hypnotherapy however, is using hypnosis for achieving your goals and living in a way that is more satisfying to you.

How many sessions will I need?
This depends on the issue and the severity.  Anywhere between one and three sessions is usually what is needed as hypnotherapy is a quick strategy with lasting results.  The amount of sessions would be discussed and agreed upon depending on your progress.  You would never be asked to attend more sessions than jointly agreed upon.  Please see my Hypnotherapy A-Z page for more details on the number of sessions needed.